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Annette Du Bois

Elite 360 Parent Coaching Formula®

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Annette Du Bois

I'm Annette and my goal is to help you make the distinctions, adjustments and improvements to become a more effective and proficient Parent with REAL WORLD tools and techniques that are proven to work!

  • Take your communication to a higher level
  • Connect with your Children like never before
  • Learn techniques and tools to use right away
  • Breakthrough previous barriers
  • Find deeper family happiness and satisfaction 
  • Help your Child/Teen be happier and more resourceful
  • And MUCH More!


Let's Start With A Free Chat

No One is Born A Good Parent... It's Not About Being "Perfect"! That's Why You Need Coaching! 

Parenting and communicating with your child/teen in this complex and divisive world is challenging, but there are things you can do to enhance and dramatically improve the process. 

Let's Start With A Free Chat

It's OK To Ask For Help! 

Asking an expert to help you is perfectly acceptable in this day and age. Otherwise you will just 'struggle-through' in a perpetual never ending journey, living in the hope that things will get better.  


You Can Get Practical And Decisive Help NOW! 

You can still be an effective and successful Parent without having to fundamentally change who you are as a person. 

This is about learning to speak the language that resonates with your child/teen and optimises the results and outcomes you want to achieve. 

If you want to live in another country, it's probably a good idea that you learn to speak the language. In other words, learn to speak the language of the locals. That means communicating with your Kids in a way that they understand, can process and take seriously. A seamless transition in persuasion and motivational elegance. 

How much would this help you (and them)?

Some of the Key Areas we can work on...

Can include, but not limited to:

Relationship Skills

Vitally Important for life today. 

Learn to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your Child/Teen and model effective relationship skills that transcend limitations, moods and environmental influences.


Behaviour Management

Get Emotionally Intelligent.

Master and improve emotions by learning to control them when impulse and triggers are ignited. Learn to bring balance back into the emotional mix with your child/teen and regain equilibrium. 

Autonomy and Independence

Every Child/Teen needs to be more Self-Reliant.

In the society in which we live it's VITAL to encourage your child/teen to become self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Also to make good decisions that best serve optimal outcomes.

Stress Management/Control

Diffusion of the confusion.

Unresolved and processed (diffused) Stress is one of the biggest killers of happiness and home--happiness-balance. You take steps to reduce stress for yourself and your child/teen, with practical relaxation techniques which promote positive interpretations of events.

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Other Topics/Issues

  • CLARITY IN YOUR COMMUNICATION (say the right things at the right time)
  • POSITIVE INFLUENCE (get your kids to do stuff!)


I realise you're sceptical and probably unsure it can work? But let me assure you... this is the outcome/result you've been looking for. I'm only interested in serving/helping my clients to the absolute best of my ability. No compromising, no BS, no excuses!

Annette Du Bois -- 

Founder of Elite 360 Parent Coaching Formula®

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